About GetLitt!

GetLitt is a digital library where the magical fantasy world meets the joyous activity of reading stories. This “litt” library is home to a treasury of books written by celebrated children's authors. The child’s reading journey is peppered with exciting challenges and dares for skilling up. Not only do the children read their way to GetLitt, they also share the light with other children in the world by releasing books with every story they read.

How to GetLitt!

  • Discover new books

    Pick a book to read from the vast collection of the Litt-o-sphere library

  • Read and release Jugnus

    With every page you read, you release Jugnus, the life-source of all books in Litt-o-sphere

  • Save Knowledge Manis from Makadi Monsters

    When you release enough Jugnus, the Knowledge Manis are freed from the web of the evil Makadi Monsters

  • Earn expert badges

    At the completion of each stage, you earn badges to track your journey towards becoming a Litt Bug

  • Spread knowledge

    As you read your way to becoming a Litt Bug, you also share the light of knowledge by releasing books to other children

Story of Litt-o-sphere

Many many years ago an alternate dimension called Litt-o-sphere was discovered. This is where knowledge is generated for the real world. This land is rich in Knowledge Manis which are the source of all the lovely books of the world.

Alas! The Makadi Monsters have evil designs of ruling over this world. Their biggest weapons are Darkness and Ignorance and so they have captured all the Knowledge Manis and hidden them in their makadi webs across Litt-o-Sphere. How can these precious Knowledge Manis be saved?

Maha Moth, a leading figure of Litt-o-Sphere, revealed that only the Litt (light) from Jugnus can break the webs on the Knowledge Manis. And these Jugnus can be harnessed only when Bugs read the books from the library of Litt-O-Sphere. Wazir Worm - the keeper of the books and custodian of the Library - helps the Bugs select the best books to read.

This community of pure-hearted and persistent Bugs will read for this noble cause and save the world from being deprived of wonderful books!