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Albert Einstein has rightly said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” Give your child the chance to indulge their imagination and develop their writing skills with our creative writing course. At GetLitt!, we have the best online creative writing courses for children.

So, register now. Encourage your little Wordsmith to start on this wonderful journey.

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Elements of creative writing courses at GetLitt!

Our writing program covers creative writing topics from fiction, non-fiction and poetry. And, the main purpose of our creative writing program is to help children get exposed to various writing techniques and get an opportunity to express their thoughts uniquely.

Features of creative writing program at GetLitt!

There are four pillars of our online creative writing courses and they are as follows:

  • Provide them with the platform to reflect
  • Expose children to different types of writing formats
  • Motivate them to write more
  • Equip them with tools to revise and enhance their
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Top-class faculty for creative writing on our platform

We have trained over 1200 children in creative writing since 2012. We have also introduced them to authors such as Deepak Dalai, Vinitha Ramchandani, Chatura Rao, Natasha Sharma and many more.

At GetLitt!, we focus on building creativity and the power of critical thinking in children. Your child will be exposed to various writing formats that will help build writing competency.

The faculty at GetLitt! come from varying backgrounds like teaching, blogging, curriculum development and journalism. What they all have in common is a passion for teaching and a flair for engaging with children. They bring their experience in writing and teaching creative writing to hone the children’s writing and language skills.

Creative writing

When you encourage your child to write a story of their own, you help them build confidence in their ideas. Creative writing skills equip your kid with vital tools that help them express their thoughts freely and effectively.

Creative writing entails more than just placing one sentence after another. It fosters imagination and motivates the child to have fun while expressing themselves through writing. Let us dig deep into the concepts of creative writing. Stay with us!

Creative writing meaning

Do you want to learn in detail what creative writing is? Don’t worry! We can explain it to you. In simple words, creative writing can be described as the art of imaginative expression of ideas through writing. It can also be detfined as a form of writing that helps you express your thoughts and ideas. In fact, creative writing can be described in multiple ways.

It can be explained as the ability to be creative and expressive through the written word. The objective of creative writing is not just to inform but also to stir emotions and elicit an emotional response. Be it any genre of creative writing, the ultimate aim is to engage the readers both emotionally and intellectually.

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Creative writing for kids

Kids encounter and experience various events each day. These new experiences and episodes make their minds creative and curious. In fact, such events can be regarded as the beginning of ideas that the kids could develop as a part of different creative writing genres.

Creative writing can help kids sharpen their writing techniques. Also, it helps broaden their thought process and develop problem-solving abilities. Creative writing enables kids to present their opinions and develop their voice. It helps them demonstrate their imaginative side in the most fun and creative way possible.

GetLitt! is a great platform where your kids can come up with amazing ideas and thoughts and learn to express them creatively. Connect with us for the best online creative writing courses for your kid. Your child can explore different writing genres in a fun way! Encourage your child to write, to be creative and to utilize their imagination. Enrol with GetLitt now!

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Creative writing courses

Is your child interested in writing stories, speeches or poems? Get in touch with us and find the best online creative writing courses for your kid. Our platform helps children unlock their creativity in many ways. Our online creative writing program provides immense writing exposure to children and also helps them practise their writing techniques. At the core of our creative writing program are the 21st century skills and we help children develop the competencies in Creativity, Critical thinking, Collaboration & Communication.

Features of our creative writing classes aligned with 21st Century skills


Introduction to the creative writing topics


Active thinking and engaging discussion


Thorough brainstorming of ideas


Hands-on practice with creative writing prompts and exercises


Detailed feedback on written work

Creative writing for developing 21st century learning skills

In today’s highly competitive academic environment, 21st century skills like critical thinking and communication help children in expressing their ideas effectively and creatively. With our creative writing courses, children can hone these skills by imagining exciting story plots and writing their thoughts freely. We have a wide range of creative writing topics for kids to explore.

When students are provided with topics from different genres, it builds a sense of curiosity. It helps them to imagine and create in more diverse ways and exposes them to a wider spectrum of ideas.

We encourage students to share their writings and ideas which help them gain the skill of effective communication and collaboration. Also, given the present digital age, our online creative writing platform aims to improve digital literacy among children. Online engagement takes their writing to a higher level of communication skills.

They get to develop unbridled creativity that helps them to think, communicate, create and engage in the world around them more confidently. Such vast exposure can enhance the personal development of children.

We comprehend the fact that 21st century skills need to be imparted to our children for their holistic development. If we want kids to have open minds that can readily absorb new knowledge and respond to complex issues, we need to equip them with these skills. Our writing program is designed to serve this purpose.

The creative writing program at GetLitt! allows kids to improve their observation skills and develop problem-solving and logical thinking skills. It offers them the appropriate skills to showcase their opinions and present a strong independent voice. Connect with us to find top-grade online creative writing courses for your child. Subscribe today!

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Creative writing prompts

At GetLitt!, we expose kids to several creative writing prompts. Creative writing prompts are writing assignments which serve as guides to kids to practise different writing techniques. A creative writing story prompt gives the child a topic or outline to write on. It sparks a sense of curiosity in the child.

Following are some of the benefits of creative writing prompts for kids:

  • Creative writing prompts help to stimulate a child’s creative capacity and imagination power. It helps enhance the child’s written communication.
  • Creative writing also upgrades their knowledge and they get to learn new writing styles. Creative writing prompts can be related to any topic. Children get to explore more about the topic and give their own perspective on it.
  • Creative writing prompts help children to improve their memory and observation skills. When children write even small pieces, they need to utilize their retained memory and information. Therefore, creative writing helps them build long-term recall abilities.

Importance of creative writing courses

Writing is considered to be one of the most crucial skills a child can learn and indulge in as a developmental habit. Creative writing is not just fun but an indispensable tool to help broaden a child’s imagination and cognitive thinking. It plays a pivotal role in enhancing a child’s intellectual capacity.

So, if you want to encourage your child to write, sign up with us. At GetLitt!, you can find the perfect online creative writing courses for your kid. We can help add wings to your child’s ideas and imagination. Register with GetLitt! and let your child’s inner writer voice unleash.

There are an umpteen number of benefits to doing creative writing courses. Do you want to learn the relevance of creative writing for kids? Keep reading!

1. Enhanced imaginative power with creative writing

Creative writing motivates kids to exercise their creative minds. It improves their ability to come up with alternatives. Their thought processes extend and enhance their problem-solving and analytical skills.

2. Improved expression of thoughts with creative writing

At times, children seem to have difficulty in comprehending and expressing how they actually feel. A writing activity can be a safe way to help them explore their feelings and ideas.

3. Enhanced self-confidence

Creative writing provides children with the opportunity to assert themselves in the best possible manner. This way, their voice develops gradually and their self-confidence is strengthened.

4. Better communication skills with creative writing exercises

It requires a lot of skills to get your point across effectively. A well-written piece has a lot of thought, planning and organisation attached to it. Creative writing classes or creative writing exercises can be great ways for kids to practise presenting their thoughts. This enhances their overall communication skills.

5. Better engagement with creative writing beyond the monotony of academic curriculum

When you encourage your child to write outside the boundaries of the classroom environment, he gets to develop his emotional skills. For instance, when a kid indulges in creative writing story tasks, he can channel his emotions in the most wonderful ways.

6. Reduced stress levels for your child through creative writing exercises

Children often feel stressed out due to standardised testing pressures. Creative writing encourages them to engage their minds in non-academic areas which brings a fresh splash of energy in them.

Sign up with GetLitt! and enrol your kid for the best online creative writing courses. We divide the kids into small groups so that proper attention is offered to each child.

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Creative writing modules in English at GetLitt!

At GetLitt!, we have three modules of training that are 16 hours, 32hours and 64 hours.The kids will be exposed to creative writing styles such as fiction, poetry and non-fiction that will require children to reflect. The topics under fiction will be based on providing wide exposure to various elements like characters, plot, story mountain and many more.

In the case of poetry, we work on rhyme, rhythm, meter, understanding and creation of poetry.Also, we cover many forms of poetry like Haiku, Triolet, Limericks, Cinquain, Quatrains etc. Screen time and writing time are well-balanced to support the thinking time for kids. The children can attend these sessions on their laptops,tablets or even mobile devices.

We provide different types of creative writing sessions and following are the topics:

  • Creative writing topics for grade 3
  • Creative writing topics for grade 4
  • Creative writing topics for grade 5
  • Creative writing topics for grade 6
  • Creative writing topics for grade 7
  • Creative writing topics for grade 8 and above

All kids above the age of 9 can enrol. Let your child recognise the inner writer in themselves. Let your child’s wings of creativity expand. Register with GetLitt! today!

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Online creative writing courses with GetLitt!

Want your kid to learn creative writing? Register with us for the best online creative writing courses for your kids. Let your kid explore a plethora of writing formats on at our platform. Sign up now.

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Creative writing tips

Given below is a list of creative writing techniques and tricks that can help children ace their writing skills:

  • Try to utilize writing prompts to jumpstart your child’s creativity. At GetLitt!, we will provide your kid with creative writing prompts that will help stimulate your child’s imagination.

For instance, the writing prompt can be something like “A comet is threatening to destroy the Earth in T-24 hours! What do you do with your last day? Or The Best Day: Describe in detail the best day you have had during this Coronavirus lockdown.” These kinds of prompts add the fun element to writing.

  • You can encourage your child to keep a writing journal. You can motivate them to build a habit of writing expressively and freely. Creative writing for kids should be as unrestricted as possible.
  • Also, make sure that your kid reads everyday. Try introducing your child to a variety of books. Conduct regular discussions about the books they read.
  • Make your child comprehend what goes into building a story. Explain to your kid about the different elements like plot, haracters, settings, dialogues and so on. Maybe, you can ask your child to write detailed descriptions of the habits and traits of people he sees every day.

Get in touch with GetLitt! and let your child’s creativity and imagination shine out in the best ways. We can provide your child with the best writing techniques. Many of our students’ work has been published in leading publications like Blue House Journal, RobinAge, Hindustan Times and many more.
Connect with GetLitt! to avail the best online creative writing certificate programs for kids. We provide a certificate to our students who have successfully completed a minimum of
16 sessions with us.
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Best creative writing courses for kids

Do you want your kids to ace the art of creative writing? Fret not! At GetLitt!, you can find the best online creative writing programs for your kid. Our programs include a variety of creative writing topics like elements of a story, writing fairy tales, alliteration poem, writing a speech, persuasive writing, horror or mystery writing and many more. The programs on our platform will expose your child to varied creative writing assignments.

The creative writing courses will help your child to think creatively, learn problem solving, scenario building and learn interesting things like how to write creative sentences. The kid gets to explore multiple creative writing ideas. So, if you want your child to practise advanced creative writing, enrol with GetLitt! today. Find the best online creative writing courses for your child with us. Hurry! Register here.

At GetLitt!, our aim is to help kids unlock the creative side of their personalities in the best way possible.

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You can find creative writing courses for your kid at GetLitt!. The faculty comes from a wide range of backgrounds like teaching, writing, blogging, content creation and curriculum development. All the faculty members are passionate about teaching and have a minimum of 3-4 years of experience in working with children. They are well-trained in language arts. Also, each teacher goes through a stringent training program on teaching creative writing. The faculty members hail from well-known universities like New York University, St. Xavier’s, University of Stirling, University of Mumbai etc.

At GetLitt!, each session of creative writing for kids is of around 60 minutes. The session includes instructional time where the expert faculty member guides the children on the important elements of creative writing topics. During the session, kids are consistently engaged as there are several discussions, questions and short writing activities. Various creative writing prompts are utilized to help children enhance their creative writing skills. Sign up with GetLitt! to explore more.

At GetLitt!, our constant endeavour is to provide the children with an opportunity to participate and publish their work in independent publications. Many of the students’ work has been published in leading publications like Blue House Journal, RobinAge and Hindustan Times. Also, at GetLitt!, students can explore a wide range of creative writing topics like fiction, non-fiction and poetry. The kids can learn multiple creative writing styles and develop their creative writing ideas. Get in touch with GetLitt! to find the best online creative writing courses for your kid.

Yes, your child will be provided with a certificate after completion of a minimum of 16 sessions

At GetLitt!, the creative writing courses are conducted online. The classes can be accessed on any device with the help of a strong and reliable internet connection. Learn from the faculty members Trained to deliver the most comprehensive and detailed language arts program. They will expose your child to the best creative writing techniques. Register with GetLitt! to find the perfect online creative writing courses for your child.

At GetLitt!, all creative writing courses are designed around a pedagogy that involves creative and independent thinking. A variety of creative writing topics are covered to help the child build different creative thoughts, perspectives and writing styles. The learning takes place through discussions, exercises and writing activities and include several creative writing prompts that act as guides for kids.

At GetLitt!, students are allotted teachers based on the day and the time slot chosen by the parents. So the child could get the demo class teacher or another teacher from our pool of experienced faculty.

Connect with GetLitt! to find the best online creative writing courses for your kid. Register today!

You can select from several timings from Monday to Saturday at GetLitt!. There are several time slots like 10 am, 12 pm, 2pm, 4 pm, 6 pm, 8 pm. Find the best creative writing courses for your child without any hassles.

Students of our creative writing program are our ambassadors. So, their referrals are offered special discounts as a gesture of gratitude. If you are an existing member at GetLitt!, you can connect with your faculty member or mail your name, faculty member’s name, batch, day and timings.

At GetLitt!, pro rata refund policy is followed for online creative writing courses. You will be entitled to the fee for the unused portion of the creative writing course.

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