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Best Reading Books for Kids

Unable to find new reading books for kids? Looking for something outside the Harry Potter universe? Searching for the best reading books for kids? Look no further than GetLitt!,
best online book reading app for kids.

Welcome to the GetLitt! library. Here, we understand the importance of children reading books. You can browse a regularly updated collection of reading books for kids. This is the platform that will get your children interested in reading and improve their comprehension skills too. And GetLitt! Is also a perfect companion to parents of children below 7 years who are constantly looking for bedtime stories to read aloud to their kids.

Benefits of reading books for kids – With GetLitt!

We all know that children who develop the habit of reading books are more likely to pick up new languages, show more empathy, be better at expressing themselves and show an advanced ability for abstract thinking. With GetLitt!, you can be sure that you will never run out of books for your kids. By signing up, you will carry your own local library in your pocket that you can access anytime, anywhere.

Read More, Get More

A variety in the collection brings excitement to children reading books in library.

That is why our library contains all types of books for kids- picture books, fairy tales, kids’ classic books, bedtime stories, comics and more.

You can find children reading books of genres like adventure, wildlife, science, biographies, fantasy, environment, humour, fairy tales, mystery and non-fiction.

You can easily navigate the library by sorting through different genres and categories. Our collection features books from renowned children’s publishers like Amar Chitra Katha, Tinkle, Duckbill, Tulika, Storyweaver, FunOkPlease, PickleYolk Books and Ms. Moochie. You can download our app from Google Play and iTunes on your tablets.

Children Reading Books On the Go

GetLitt! can also be accessed on laptops or desktops by logging in on the website. Subscribe and get access to hundreds of books from great children’s authors. You can choose from various subscription models as per your need. As a unique initiative on GetLitt!, for every three subscriptions, one subscription is unlocked for a child who does not have access to books.

The more your child reads, the more they can increase their reading levels. You can easily zoom in and out on the book so that your child does not have to squint at the screen. All the books in our collection are of high quality, with bold colours and bright images, which hold the reader’s interest and compel them to keep reading.

Best reading books for kids - The GetLitt! Delight

While there are many websites where you can find plenty of books that are often free, but usually they are in archived form. Hence, most of them do not have updated collections, and as a result, finding an online library having new books is rare. If you go through popular free online libraries, you will notice that most of them do not contain books published after the 1970s.

It is rare to locate good children’s books online, and even rarer to find a place where you get new books. Of course, classics are widely available, and in some places, you can locate beginner’s books, like those that teach alphabets, numbers, colours and shapes.

But it is difficult to find books for all age groups, especially for children of seven to twelve years of age. This is a crucial stage in a child’s life, as habits that are inculcated during the formative years will have a major influence on their skills and personality when they grow up.

Children reading books in the library can be fun with GetLitt!

At GetLitt!, you can not only give your child access to a wide range of books, you can also encourage them to increase their reading levels. You can check on your child’s progress any time by clicking on the “My Story” tab, where you can see your child's current level, title and reading progress. On GetLitt!, kids can earn badges, trophies and showcase their reading achievements.

When you take a subscription on GetLitt!, your child becomes a part of the reading challenge for that period. Participating in these challenges and competing against other children lead to an increase in their reading speed and comprehension skills.

Following the Reading Bug

The GetLitt! library is efficiently catalogued, so it is easy to browse through. If your child is fond of a particular category, author or book series, you can easily keep track of it. Educationists say that author studies are a great way to motivate children to read more.

If a child finds a favourite author, that interest can be leveraged to enhance their learning experience. So, if your kid has a favourite author, they can also explore other books by the same author in our library, and experiment with newer genres thus increasing overall reading.

What’s more, you can also catch up on your favourite writers, illustrators and publishers on our blog page. You can learn more about their creative process and stay updated about upcoming books and events.

This also encourages children to find out more about their favourite writers and illustrators, and makes them curious to explore more of their works. Reading about the creative process also inspires children to explore their own creative skills.

Reading also impacts writing skills

Your child can also write reviews, and this will not only help with their writing skills, but also give other readers some perspective on what to expect from the books. After all, the great librarian Wazir Worm can always do with more help from his readers.

Remember, children are motivated to read more when they are given the freedom to choose their own books. With GetLitt!, you can browse books together, which will give you quality bonding time with your kids. Children often enjoy books, and stories with good rhyme, rhythm and repetition, and our library has many books that meet this criteria.

Become a bookworm with the best reading books for kids

Reading challenges are a fun way to excite children about reading. At GetLitt!, kids can participate in the ongoing reading challenges and also invite their friends to participate.

We are always eager to get associated with schools who are keen to make reading more fun for their students.

Boys and girls who like to read can always count on GetLitt! to keep them occupied for hours. They can improve their general awareness, explore a subject of their choice and discover new ideas for themselves.

Importance of reading books for kids

GetLitt! believes that books form the building blocks to a brighter future for all kids, and that children learn better when learning is fun and made interesting. The more children read, the more they know and the better they can navigate the world they live in.

While inculcating a habit of reading definitely comes with a host of advantages, the act of reading is a pleasure by itself, and one that has few rivals. When children develop a love for reading, it becomes its own reward, and books become their best friends.

By becoming a GetLitt! subscriber, you can be sure that your child is never alone and is always in good (and very colourful) company. With just a touch of the finger, your child can discover a world of stories.

So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe now and discover a world of magic and imagination that you have never experienced before. You can download the GetLitt! app from iTunes and Google Play store, and start exploring the library right away.