Don't miss any chance to win a coveted badge and become a decorated citizen of Litt-o-Sphere.

Here is the complete list of prestigious badges to be won. You can win all of these!

All you need to do is visit Litt-o-Sphere everyday, read books and write reviews. Easy, isn't it?

  • Litt-o-Sphere Citizen

    Litt-o-Sphere Citizen

    Complete profile details in Settings

  • Litt-o-Sphere Ambassador

    Litt-o-Sphere Ambassador

    3 invited friends join GetLitt!

  • Steady Slug

    Steady Slug

    Visit GetLitt! continuously for 7 days

  • Diligent Bee

    Diligent Bee

    Visit GetLitt! continuously for 15 days

  • Persistent Pupa

    Persistent Pupa

    Visit GetLitt! continuously for 30 days

  • Resolute Wasp

    Resolute Wasp

    Visit GetLitt! continuously for 50 days

  • Unstoppable Bug

    Unstoppable Bug

    Visit GetLitt! continuously for 75 days

  • Book Cub

    Book Cub

    Write review for 1st book

  • Book Buff

    Book Buff

    Write 3 book reviews

  • Book Versed


    Write 5 book reviews

  • Book Boss

    Book Boss

    Write 7 book reviews

  • Book Wiz

    Book Wiz

    Write 10 book reviews

  • Book Veteran

    Book Veteran

    Write 15 book reviews

  • Book Viking

    Book Viking

    Write 20 book reviews

  • Rookie Reader

    Rookie Reader

    Complete 1 Book dare

  • Readster


    Complete 5 Book dares

  • Ace Reader

    Ace Reader

    Complete 10 Book dares

  • Prolific Reader

    Prolific Reader

    Complete 15 Book dares

  • Maester Reader

    Maester Reader

    Complete 25 Book dares

  • Leader Reader

    Leader Reader

    Complete 35 Book dares

  • Royal Reader

    Royal Reader

    Complete 50 Book dares