Welcome, fellow bug!

Before you join me in the knowledge mission,
Take this pledge and become a
responsible Litt-o-sphere citizen!

“I promise to everyday visit this land of Litt-o-sphere,
And read all the amazing stories here,
To keep the webs of the Makadi Monsters at bay,
And protect the Knowledge Manis in every way.

I promise, in Litt-o-sphere, to always employ
My wonderful spirit of adventure and joy,
And play Wazir Worm’s every challenge and dare
To release enlightened Jugnus in the air

I promise, by the values of the Maha Moth, I will adhere
Of keeping in Litt-o-sphere light, peace and cheer
I shall treat my fellow bugs with grace and respect
And any abuse I shall report and reject

I promise to release many Jugnus into flight
To spread and share the knowledge through light,
And most of all, under the Litt-o-sphere sun,
I promise to have lots of fun.”