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Contest ends:

27 Mar, 2023



Junior Bug

Ziyan Saif Sultan, Grade 7, Butterf...

Ziyan Saif Sultan, Grade 7, Butterfingers 2 : Goes Bonkers

Challenge: Narrate an exciting event in the life of your favorite character.

   By-line:   Bring out your naturalistic narration voice

Contest Rule

  • The book should be picked from GetLitt! Library 

  • The character chosen can be the main character or any other character from the storybook.

  • The narration should be in video format

  • The use of Props and other elements should be aligned with the story element mainly the character.

  • The final video should be edited and should be of good quality with clear sound.

  • The video should include 

    • Introduction to  the storybook [ name of the book, name of the author, Illustrator, publisher, etc]

    • Introduction to the character in focus

    • The event with details and inclusion of elements like- setting, problems, other characters, etc picked from the story.

    • Conclusion- Answer the following questions 

      • Why was this story picked?

      • Why this character was picked?

      • What was so special about this event?

For submission:

  • Title of the Entry: Your name - Grade - Name of the Book

  • Content Box-Which character and event is picked/ video link from youtube [in case video is more than 4 MB] unlisted

  • Attach the video[ less than 4 MB] or video link

The top narrations have a chance of winning cash prizes and a certificate of achievement!